Why do you read books?

How I developed a reading habit?

I was probably 12-year-old when I started reading books. I was in the 5th grade and I had fallen ill, a bad case of typhoid if I remember correctly.

I was ill, I was young, and I wasn’t supposed to go back to school until I was well. And I got bored and I started reading books, newspapers, novels. I read whatever I could lay my hands on.

I started out by reading stories from my school syllabus. I finished reading every possible book from that particular academic year.

I went on borrowed school books from my brother, sisters and I enjoyed reading those books. When I completed reading those books, I started reading the religious books that we had at our home, finished those too.

I was still bored. I was still ill. I was hungry, I needed more books.

During the summer break, later that year, I started to read more books. In the beginning, reading books was just a way to ward off boredom but later it became a hobby, a habit.

I read novels, short stories, poetry, Non-fiction. Basically, I read everything I could get.

Reading is like meditating

Imran Soudagar, Write-Online.Com

Benefits of reading

For me, reading has been therapeutic, motivating and something that helped me keep away from boredom. And also, I got to know the world. I gained a lot of knowledge and it helped me improve my vocabulary, grammar, and general knowledge.

To summarize the things reading habit helped me, below are some important improvements:

  1. It helped me improve my vocabulary.
  2. It helped me gain knowledge of various things.
  3. It helped me improve my speaking and writing skills.
  4. It helped and motivated me to pursue a career in writing.

I was 18 or 19 when I first read the bestselling novel The Godfather and in the next few years, I had read most of the classic novels by Emily Bronte, William Shakespeare, Arthur Conan Doyle and many more.

Each of us has a different reason why we read. I use to read because I was bored. I read now because I love gaining more knowledge. It helps me be a better person. It helps me think better and concentrate on things that are important. It allows me to stay focused. Reading is like meditating.

Why do you read? Tell me in the comments section below.

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