Career Options as a Writer

Career Options as a Writer


Manoj Kumar Singh



The World functions with Communicating with each other. The way you talk, the way you pose and the way you write; all combine together to convey your message to the people in your vicinity. Communication is not just putting your word out there and is also about conveying your message successfully.


Writing forms a unique tool in exchange of ideas and is universally accepted in the form of books, articles, news papers, magazines and newsletters etc. However one needs to work on writing as a skill continuously enhancing it, in order to properly utilize its potential for earning. Like any other skills, in writing also the more you practice the better you get.


You don’t need to be a hardcore trained professional to start your career in writing. Any person with passion for writing and good command over the language of his/her choice can put his/her writing skills to work and earn extra income along with their routine work. You can also choose to start learning by hit and trial method to evolve your niche and style of writing. This self training method may take some time but sticking to the basics and having patience can give your great results, once you have identified your strengths in writing. When as Student, you can also study the literature, journalism or arts etc as a part of your college degree and develop you basics from there. However another way is to get good training from an expert of the domain, it doesn’t matter whether you are working professional or student. The best place to get trained under the experts is in skill training institutes with in-house experts from the field or working with the agencies as an intern to gain some experience while working.


The best part of writing is that you can work from home or going around the world on vacations, you don’t need to go to the office. Once you have identified your niche, you can choose from many different forms of writing options available out there


  1. Novel/Story Writing

    If you are story teller and love to tell stories to others; then this is your area of writing. But to become a successful story or novel writer is not an easy thing. It requires great deal of ability to be able to describe the ups and downs of life, if you are a writer on life stories. This too is a wide area if you go deep into it with more bifurcations in the form of different genres like love, contemporary, social, political, fiction and non-fiction. The choice lies with you what excites you more and that become your genre for novel or story writing. In market there are many writers who are famous for their style. It is very important to understand that once you have chosen your niche you can take reference of the writers from the same genre but to become really great writer you need to develop your own style of writing which will differentiate you from others to your readers. All publishers welcome a good story and some even offer a handsome amount for your initial work. Even film industry keeps its eyes on good stories and many movies have come up based on these stories.


  1. Poem Writing

    If you are someone who loves to rhyme and put imagery in your writing, then you are a good fit for poetry. Worldwide people love to read and listen to good piece of work. Your poems are reflection of your deep thoughts on the topic. More often or not they are short and sweet which touches the heart instantly. A good poetry has a power to change the mood of any individual. You can write a fix number of poems and then publish the compilation as a book.


  1. Blog Writing

    This is a digital era and everything is going online. Even the writing has gone online. A blog is a digital or virtual canvas where an individual can write and share on the topic of his choice. Even organizations run their blog website updating continuously with latest articles to bring in more audience to their website. Also writing articles and blogs is one of the best methods of current day content marketing. Companies hire experts to write the blog content for them. Even many online magazines offer you opportunity to write for them and pay you handsomely. As a professional you can even work as a freelancer from your home, you just need and internet connection and a computer.


  1. Web Content Writing

    It involves writing content for a website. Due faster going reach of internet every business little to big is setting up their websites. This digital presence is incomplete without good web content present on the website for the prospective customers to see. Again the content various from business to business and has huge opportunity to work from home with little or no expenditure for that. The pay is also good when you gain more experience in the field.  Also when your articles, poems or short stories are published online that forms the part of web content.


  1. Technical Writing

    It is basically writing or drafting any technical information of any particular field in a professional manner. This involves writing emails, proposals for the grant, project proposals, press release, newsletter, resumes and case studies etc. This is a very good option to utilize your domain expertise and writing skills to earn good money. However it is not necessary for technical writer to be a subject matter expert, all you need is to collaborate with one. There are few techniques and tools you should be aware of in order to make a successful career in technical writing. Like knowledge of desktop publishing tools and image editing tools are must.


  1. News Writing

    No matter what happens in the world, they are potential news. This makes news and report writing a very growth productive area. The only requirement in this area is you should have a good command over the language and should be able to write the matter in most concise manner. A degree and experience in journalism is always an added advantage but not necessary. Though majority preference is given to experienced journalist by both electronic and print media.


  1. Medical and Scientific Writing

    This is especially good writing career option for life science, pharmacy and medical graduates. Almost all the time life sciences graduates coming from streams of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Zoology and Botany etc aim to get hired to work in a multinational company as research scientist. The pharmacy graduates too have similar aspirations of working in a pharmaceutical company. However very less number of these graduates gets R&D jobs due to their lack of right skills for research. This does not mean they only have the option of sales and marketing as the career in these companies. Very few understand and realize their writing skills and club it with their knowledge of life sciences to enter into a career in medical and scientific writing.

Medical Graduates can also opt for a booming career in medical and scientific writing. These graduates from medical, pharmacy and life science have a great knowledge base of basics and applied biological sciences which has varied application and once it is properly clubbed with the skills of writing and guidelines knowledge for writing. They have a highly rewarding career into it. In Medical and scientific writing you have an opportunity to write for healthcare magazines, health and science business magazines, news papers, scientific publishing houses and pharmaceutical companies etc.



3 thoughts on “Career Options as a Writer”

  1. I do love writing but finding time to write is bit of a challenge for me since I am working on a job as well which takes lot of time. I was writing novels, write poems now and then and take care of a blog as well but right now I am working only on the blog, kinda trying to revive it.

    I think I should continue writing novel, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Manoj Kumar Singh

    Hi Pankaj, Keep Going! You don’t require to spend days on writing. Its something that you will get better into as you carry on with the practise. Just Spend only 1-2 hours daily on it,even if you can write 2 lines. But the key is daily.. As far different forms of writing are concerned you can get better with experience and understanding whats happening around you…Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Manoj,
    Novels and poems might be too much for some but blogging is really good option for every one. We can slowly improve our self and write content for others who are willing to pay for articles.

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