About the author


Thanks for dropping by, I am Imran Soudagar, a budding writer, poet, speaker, thinker, educationalist, blogging, social media and internet marketing enthusiast. I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Applications from VTU. I am a technology enthusiast and I have been using the computer since I was 7-year-old (since 1995) and using the internet since 1999/2000. I enjoy surfing the net and love trying out new software, tricks and also I love to write about my experience.

I live in a cricket and technology crazy country, India and yet I hate watching, playing, reading or even listening about cricket. My most famous quote on cricket is “If Cricket is Religion then I am an Atheist.” Like all Indians I love to watch movies, Bollywood and Hollywood are my most favorite movie industries. I love all types of movies especially Sci-fi and action movies. I particularly hate Love Stories (yeah it’s true, I hate Love Stories)

I am a vicious reader, I read almost every day. Reading for me was once a hobby but now it’s more of a habit and addiction. If I don’t read for a few days I feel something is missing from my life. Books, newspapers, magazines, blogs are an integral part of my life.

I also love writing and teaching, I have been writing online since 2006 on various websites, blogs. I was once a regular contributor at the Writers-Network. Usually, you will find me writing about computers, education, and the internet. Sometimes, I write short stories and as a model citizen, I comment on the current affairs of the world.  I have been a Technical Trainer in some big Educational Institutions (Like NIIT) and hold teaching and training experience of over 3 years.

My aim in life is to help people and educated them. I want to start revolutionary schools and colleges where students will be able to study whatever they love. Another aim is to start Marketing Company, fully fledged online Media House and a book publishing company.

Although I am a Non-Vegetarian, most of the time I prefer Vegetarian food. I am against cruelty against animals and nature. I always prefer organic and natural products.

I use a Lenovo Laptop, a Samsung Android phone and iBall headphones for communication, browsing and to fulfill all my creative thirst.

I think that’s enough about me.