Write-Online Blog is Back!!!

We are back!!!

It’s been a long time since I took published anything here on the Write-Online Blog. I think it’s time for me to concentrate on this blog and I will start publishing useful posts from now onwards.

A few years back I had decided to buy this amazing domain name Write-Online.com. This domain name has a long history and has been used since early 2004.

The previous owners of Write-Online domain name use to teach people how to become a writer and they probably sold courses to University students.

When I was planning to start my professional writing career as a freelance content writer I thought of maintaining a blog where I could publish some of my best articles, poems, and short stories. And over the years I have failed to do exactly that.

The plan was to publish some of my best works and attract clients and grow a reader base for my writing.

I shared my guide on How to become a writer and it did attract a lot of attention. Whenever a client would ask me to give samples of my writing I would share the link of the article How to become a writer and most clients would be happy with my quality and would hire me to write for their projects.

But… I kept neglecting this blog and now I wish to restart it and share a lot of content.

I hope you guys would be happy to read my views on the many aspects of writing.

Until next time,

Imran Soudagar

Updated: November 1, 2019 — 12:33 pm

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