This blog post explains the details about What Language is?

What is Language

What is language?

In this post, I am going to attempt to share a little bit about what is language.

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This blog post explains the details about What Language is?
What is Language?

A bit of boring blah blah stuff

Ever since I started this blog I was wondering what to write and what to publish here. After pondering/procrastinating for over two-three years I finally have the answer. I want to blog about English, Urdu, Language, Writing, Stories, Poetry, Novels, Literature, Blogging, Letter Writing, and everything related to the written word.

Makes sense?

No? Yes?

So, in an attempt to stop procrastinating I have decided to go with the basics first. I have always believed that if we have a strong base of anything we are learning then it will be way easier to go from beginner to intermediate level and then finally be a master of that subject.

Do you want to be a master in your subject or just be a mediocre someone who has no idea what he can and can’t do?

Well, I would advise you to go be a Master of something rather than a nothing at nothing! lol

Become a Master of Languages!

 Let us first examine the details and definitions of language, communication, speech, grammar in different languages and then maybe I can go ahead and write more about fiction, poetry and the different aspects of book writing.

I must, however, clear it now that I am not an expert at anything. I am a software professional by education, a technical writer by profession, a poet by passion and I plant trees to lessen my carbon trail with hopes that we are never going to face the drastic consequences of Global Warming.

Huh! That’s out of my chest now!

I have no formal education in teaching English. I was probably lucky to have a few good teachers way back in school that made me a good reader and I can speak good English.

So, let it be known that I am a prolific Googler who learns from what he reads and shares it with his audience.

What is Language?

In my opinion, a Language is a tool for communicating with each other. Language can be in a written form, it can be in a spoken way and it is something that everyone agrees to use.

A language is a tool

It is a tool for communication.

It is a tool to connect with other human beings; it is a code that makes us deliver our intentions, our messages, our commands and requests out to other people.

Can languages be in written form?

Language can be in a written form or it can be spoken in a structured and conventional way. Language is a verbal or non-verbal method of communication and expression.

Imagine a world without language.

A world without language would not have had so many advancements in different fields. We wouldn’t have poetry, music, it would have been so difficult to do trade and business without the ability to convey the message that we wish people to understand.

Without language, we would be nomads and there would be no civilization.

Language is the Superpower of Humans.

Language is a Superpower and it is unique to humans. No living organism has ever had the ability to talk. A few animals do mimic humans like the parrots and monkey’s but none of these animals and birds have the ability to communicate.

Language makes us humans unique and special.

In the next post, I am gonna share more stuff. Please share your views, questions, and comments.

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