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Use Grammarly to improve your content

The Facebook Bragging

On Wednesday 29th June 2016, I posted on my Facebook profile mentioning that I wrote around 66,277 words in a week. That is not something unusual many writers do that, many bloggers write and publish far more words than what I had written.

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The above stats are not complete; I wrote 66,277 words in a week but what I hid from my Facebook post was how many mistakes I made while writing those sixty-six thousand two hundred and seventy-seven words.

I made 670 grammatical errors, 1496 spelling mistakes and yet when I published my work on my blog and submitted other articles to other blogs and clients there were ZERO errors.

I mean yes, seriously there were ZERO grammatical mistakes, ZERO spelling errors, 100% Plagiarism free and had the well understandable vocabulary and the content was worth reading.

How did I manage that?

Am I good at Grammar?

Do I know spellings of all the words I wrote?

How did I manage to write 66,277 words in a week and yet managed to provide quality to my readers and clients?

I won’t lie to you.

I used a tool to polish my content.

I used Grammarly to polish and improve my content.

The #1 Writing Tool

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online tool, which helps you improve your content. It can assist you with more than 250 grammar rules. You can download it as a Chrome/Safari add-on, integrate as a Microsoft Word Plug-in or download the Microsoft Windows Desktop app.

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What does Grammarly do?

Grammarly helps you solve your Grammatical errors. It can check any text you write and suggest you changes.

When you visit, you are asked to either log in or Add Grammarly Add-on to Chrome. Grammarly comes in two versions, a free version, and a paid version.

If you are new to Grammarly and don’t want to pay, then you can go with the Free version which can detect up to 150 grammatical mistakes. The Premium version costs $29 per month. So if you are cannot afford to pay every month then you can go ahead and install the free version.

Grammarly can be integrated with the following software:

  • Chrome/Safari add-ons, after you install the add-on, Grammarly follows you on the web. You can use it while you are writing on Facebook, Gmail, WordPress or any other website/social networking site.
  • Microsoft Word as a plugin which can be enabled or disabled whenever you need
  • Grammarly has a native Microsoft Windows app; you can install it and start writing on it like you do in Microsoft Word.

Why should you use Grammarly?

You must use Grammarly if

  • You are not confident of your grammatical skills and want your content to be 100% free of grammatical mistakes.
  • You want to improve your sentence structure and style.
  • You want to enhance your vocabulary.
  • You wish to write 100% plagiarism free content.

How to start using Grammarly?

Well, you can start using Grammarly by creating an account on and install the Chrome and Microsoft Word plugin.

Once you have installed it and enabled it, you can start writing content and Grammarly will keep on providing suggestions.

Watch this video on youtube to learn more about Grammarly.


Features and benefits of Grammarly

  • It helps with contextual spelling with tips and explanation about the usage.
  • Checks your content for grammatical errors.
  • Provides suggestions and helps with punctuations.
  • Gives recommendations on the sentence structure and style
  • Helps you with choice of words and helps you enhance your vocabulary
  • Instantly checks for plagiarism and provides with the source of the original content so that you can give proper credit to the original author.

You can choose the different type of specialty document you are writing from the list so that it can help you with more accurate and relevant correction.

You can choose one from the list:

  • General writing
  • Academic
  • Business
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Creative
  • Casual

Select the type which suits better for the kind of content you are writing and Grammarly will give you the best suggestions.

Will Grammarly help me learn more about Grammar?


If you pay a little attention to the suggestions and errors, you are making and try to learn and avoid them in future. You can master grammar within a month or two.

It’s been few months since I am using this fantastic tool and my errors have gone down from 50-70 per 2500 words to 10-15 mistakes, and I plan on learning more and improving my grammar.

How much does it cost?

Grammarly has a free version, which can check up to 150 errors and a Premium version which can check up to 250 errors and the premium version costs around $29/month.


If you are someone who writes at least more than one email per day, or if you are someone who is a blogger, writer or someone who has to write as part of your job then this tool is for you.


Download Grammarly for FREE now

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  1. Hello Imran,

    Grammarly is a big saviour. It reduces the proofreading efforts since it does quickly and more efficiently than what we do manually.

    Nice write up.

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