How to develop the habit of reading books

Best thing to do while traveling in a train: Read Awesome Books.

Once, not long ago I was traveling in a train. It was a long journey and the climate was somewhat cold and moist.

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For someone like me, who has been a book lover all his life, the best thing to do was to curl up with a book. And I really did that, I opened my book bag (people keep laptop bags, mobile bags etc., I maintain a book bag) and took a book and got immersed into the fictional world.

A person sitting opposite to me, asked, how are you able to read a book isn’t it boring? Lengthy and takes days to complete a single story.

That was offensive, really considering Reading as a boring thing to do is offensive and it offends us, the book readers.

Boring? Is Reading boring? Do you really think reading is boring? Share your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this post.

Why People don’t feel like reading books?

I asked few of my friends, why don’t they read books? Most answered that it looks boring and why to read a book when you can watch something better on Television or on the internet.

Television and the internet are the biggest reasons why people, especially kids these days don’t read books.

Why spend days and weeks reading The Lord of the Rings when you can simply watch it online whenever you want. Why waste time, Right?

Well, these negative words about book reading will surely hurt any book lover. Surely it does hurt me when my friends brag about how they watched the whole Harry Potter series in a week.

While the binge watchers might be thinking they have watched the whole series, they surely are missing a lot of tiny details that make the Novels special.

How to get into the habit of reading books?

If you are an adult and have never read a book it might feel a little difficult to read a book. but don’t worry, reading a book isn’t a Rocket Science, it’s plain and simple.

You might not know but you have read many books while in school unless of course if you never went to a school there might be some possibility that you might not have read any book.

Important facts:

Our mind subconsciously keeps on doing things we don’t realize. It notices tiny details on the paintings, your mind sometimes counts your steps and most of the time your mind reads the text that is around you.

Your subconscious mind reads text that is around you. It might be newspaper headlines, junk mail or the hoardings and the billboards.

What I mean to imply is that no matter what, you read. You have been reading so much text and it is all stored in your brain.

By default you are a reader. You just don’t know it yet.

Now coming to the actual steps to get into the reading habit.

  1. Select a book.
  2. Start reading it.

That’s it.

All it takes to take up reading as a hobby is to buy/borrow a book. Find the time to read and start reading.

It might be helpful if you find a peaceful place to read. Keep away from distractions.

Turn that television off.

[Tweet theme=”basic-full”] Turn that television off.[/Tweet]

When you start reading, make sure you read each and every word. It helps, reading the details and the explanation.

If you are reading a Novel or a storybook, make sure you follow the story. Make sure that you understand the situation and the overall plot of the novel.

Do not forget to imagine. Imagination is important to understand the story. Visualize the story, the more clearly in your mind the better.


Before you buy a book, it’s good to research about what books you love and what are the best selling books in the genre you love.

Well, developing the habit of reading books takes time and practice.

Just keep reading good books.

Do share your favorite books in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “How to develop the habit of reading books”

  1. Hello Imran,
    Nice post.
    I have not been a reader of many books. I used to read course books thoroughly. Did read a few magazines, but haven’t been an avid reader. I am trying to start being a reader.

    Let’s see.

  2. Hello Imran,
    Great post.

    Reading is something that i have lost touch with over the years. I read articles and blogs but haven’t read at any great length for a while.
    To combat this i have bought some books to kick start me
    .im chevy chase and your’e not
    .The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure
    .Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

    Looking forward to digging in and getting some knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing!

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