How many letters are there in the Santali/Ol Chiki Alphabet

In this article about the languages of India, we will be talking about how many letters are there in the Santali/ Ol Chiki Alphabet.

The Santali ᱥᱟᱱᱛᱟᱲᱤ language is one of India’s official languages. It is spoken in the Indian states of Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Mizoram, Odisha, Tripura, and also spoken in West Bengal.

The Santali language is a very old language that is spoken by 7.6 million people in Inda, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Although Santali is an ancient language, it did not have a written script until 1925. In 1925 the Santali poet Pandit Raghunath Murmu developed a new writing script for Santali language called Ol Chiki.

How many letters are there in the Santali/Ol Chiki Alphabet

The Santali language uses the Ol Chiki script which was developed by Pandit Raghunath Murmu in 1925.

The Santali/Ol Chiki Alphabet has 35 letters in it’s alphabet.

Santali/Ol Chiki language script

ᱚ ᱛ ᱜ ᱝ ᱞ ᱟ ᱠ ᱡ ᱢ ᱣ ᱤ ᱥ ᱦ ᱧ ᱨ ᱩ ᱪ ᱫ ᱬ ᱭ ᱮ ᱯ ᱰ ᱱ ᱲ ᱳ ᱴ ᱵ ᱶ ᱷ

Santali language is written using the Devanagari script

अ त ग ं ल आ क ज म व ई स ह ञ र उ च द ण य ए प ड न ड़ ओ ट ब उं ह

Santali language written using the Odia script

ଅ ତ୍ ଗ୍ ଂ ଲ୍ ଆ କ୍ ଜ୍ ମ୍ ୱ ଇ ସ୍ ହ୍ ଞ୍ ର୍ ଉ ଚ୍ ଦ୍ ଣ୍ ୟ୍ ଏ ପ୍ ଡ୍ ନ୍ ଳ୍ ଓ ଟ୍ ବ୍ ঁ ହ

So, this was all about the Santali language which is most commonly written in Ol Chiki script but few people also write it using Devanagari script and Odia script.

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