How many letters are there in the Hindi Alphabet

How many letters are there in the Hindi Alphabet

In the last post, we discussed the 26 letters of the English language and in this post, we will discuss the letters and alphabets of the Hindi language.

The Hindi language is one of the major languages of India and the Indian subcontinent. It is the 3rd or 4th most spoken language in the world.

The modern Hindi alphabet is usually written in the Devanagari script. The word Devanagari is made up of two Sanskrit words. Deva means Heavenly or Devin or Godly and Nagari mean a city.

So, Devanagri means a language from the abode of divinity or deities.

How many vowels and consonants are there in the Hindi Language?

The Hindi language has 11 vowels and 35 consonants.

List of all the vowels in the Hindi Language

अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ए ऐ ओ औ अं अ:

List of all the consonants in the Hindi language

  • क ख ग घ ङ
  • च छ ज झ ञ
  • ट ठ ड ढ ण
  • त थ द ध न
  • प फ ब भ म
  • य र ल व श
  • ष स ह क्ष ज्ञ त्र

Hindi numbers written in the Devanagari script

0 ०
1 १
2 २
3 ३
4 ४
5 ५
6 ६
7 ७
8 ८
9 ९
10 १०

So, this was a quick post about the letters in Hindi Devnagri Alphabet.

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